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The ROI of Talent Management: Tying the Intangible to the Tangible

The human resource function has long been considered to be somewhat “soft” in terms of being able to apply hard data to prove the value of recruitment and retention activities. From the standpoint of HR pros, they simply “know” that… continue
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Developing Leaders: Avoiding the Glass Cliff

Promotions tend to be a good thing – especially when the elevation takes one’s career path to the C-suite or to other senior leadership opportunities. But the context in which the appointment is made may be relevant to achieving true… continue
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The Seven Most Critical Improvements HR Teams Need

“HR needs to be more strategic!” – It’s an ongoing call to action that rings out across industries and geographies. The requirements of those in HR positions have changed dramatically over the past several years from a focus on administrative… continue
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Top 5 Tips on Retaining Top Performers

Employers, whether in the US or elsewhere, should strive to retain top performers. Doing so: Improves production continuity; Increases institutional memory; and Reduces costs. However, retaining top talent isn’t as easy in a competitive marketplace or in uncertain economic times.… continue
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