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Determining What Your CEO Cares About (And Adjusting Your Messaging Appropriately)

It’s no secret that there can be a significant disconnect between the CEO (and C-suite) and HR leaders in many organizations. While HR is focused on ensuring s positive and supportive culture and boosting employee engagement, CEOs are much more… continue
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3 Things to Know When Your Boss Says…. Show Me the Money!

The film Jerry Maguire made the phrase ‘Show Me the Money’ famous. This phrase appealed to the business world in particular, and over 20 years later is still used by individuals who control the purse strings when they want to… continue
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How Employment Compliance Can Ensure ROI

Human resources professionals often lament their ability to get a “seat at the table,” and, arguably, are not often touted for their strategic focus. There’s one key area, though, where the function can have a significant bottom-line impact on the… continue
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