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HR Intel: Hollywood Leads the Workplace Diversity Charge

A round up of workplace developments and legal trends to help keep HR ahead of the curve Now that the #Oscarsowhite controversy is in the rearview mirror, elite Hollywood actors and talent agencies are leading the charge for more diversity… continue
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Josh Bersin on HR Analytics 2016: Moneyball Meets the Workplace

Analytics, as popularized by the best-selling book and baseball movie Moneyball, is the art of trying to make better decisions based on data. Talent management expert and Forbes contributor Josh Bersin calls analytics one of the most significant trends affecting… continue
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5 Reasons We Love to Love HR

HR is an organizational function that is far too often in the crosshairs of complaints and challenges from sources far and wide. As Peter Cappelli says in his Harvard Business Review article “Why We Love to Hate HR… and What… continue
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Global Recruiting and Hiring: What Multinational Employers Need to Know

A global employer must ensure that its recruiting and hiring methods comply with local laws of each country and are not discriminatory. But with the vast disparity in employment laws across borders, this can be easier said than done. So… continue
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5 Key Recruiting and Hiring Differences Between the US and Japan

Global employers need to comply with recruiting and hiring laws in the countries in which they operate. In particular, discrimination laws may affect the wording employers can use in job advertisements, the questions they can ask on job applications and… continue
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HR Intel – HR is the First Line of Defense in the War Against Workplace Violence and More…

A round up of workplace developments and legal trends to help keep HR ahead of the curve Last week’s mass murder at a Southern California office holiday party represents one of the worst workplace violence incidents in US history. Only… continue
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