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Scheduling Laws: Predictable, Secure, Flexible or Simply Confusing?

Workplace flexibility has been a trending concept in HR for some time now. Many employers and workers are fans of the concept because it does not tackle the question of if work gets done, but when and how. (The gig… continue
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Dozens of New Employment Laws Across the US Come Into Effect July 1

The federal government may be scaling back on new employment laws, and reducing the scope of existing laws, but many states and municipalities have forged aggressively ahead with a complex patchwork of new employment laws. Many of these laws come… continue
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Federal, State AND Local, Oh My! 5 Local Trends Challenging HR

Along with states, municipalities are leading the way in expanding employee rights by enacting various laws to protect workers and expand their rights. So, if keeping up with state and federal law updates is not challenging enough, employers now find… continue
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How HR Challenges Will Change and Transform from 2017 to 2018

  As the new calendar year draws closer, employers are bound to face challenges and obstacles when it comes to complying with new federal, state and local laws, maintaining their workplaces and managing their workers. 2017 to Date HR and… continue
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Live From #SHRMLeg 2017: State and Local Employment Trends to Watch

With the White House and both chambers of Congress controlled by Republicans, HR is waiting to see what changes the federal government might hold in store for employers this year. But it would be a grave mistake to forget about… continue
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‘Predictable Scheduling’ Could Be Next Big Employment Trend

The past several years have seen a number of state and local laws increasing the minimum wage, providing paid sick leave and “banning the box,” among other things. The next big trend in employment law could turn out to be… continue
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