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HR Intel: Your New Employee Handbook is Already Old

Let’s be fair and assume that when you did your most recent handbook update – historically that would be end of 2017 or early 2018 – you prudently accounted for the dozens of laws that would change around the country… continue
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5 Ways to Lose the Employment At-Will Relationship

  Absent a written agreement stating otherwise, with the exception of Montana, employment relationships are presumed to be at-will. In other words, an employer can terminate an employee at any time for any reason, or for no reason, so long… continue
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10 Employee Handbook Mistakes Your Organization May Be Making

An employee handbook is an important communication tool between an employer and its employees and a valuable resource for setting forth workplace standards to guide employee behavior and performance expectations. A well-written and compliant employee handbook may also be used… continue
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Politics in the Workplace: Election Day and Beyond

With the 18-month presidential campaign and several close races ready to be resolved on Election Day, the temptation to discuss political opinions and issues in the workplace is strong. While the potential for heated political discourse in the office can… continue
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HR Intel – President Obama Weighs in on Paid Sick Leave and More…

A roundup of workplace trends and legal developments to keep HR ahead of the curve President Obama leveraged the US Labor Day holiday to launch a new paid sick leave initiative for employees of federal contractors, aiming to cover some… continue
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ESPN Reporter’s Rant Shows Perils of Off-Duty Conduct

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry is not exactly a household name. But when her cruel comments to a towing company employee went viral, she gained the sort of publicity that her post-game reporting never attracted. In case you missed it, the… continue
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Podcast: Hear How the National Football League Flunked HR101

The National Football League has long been viewed as the model US professional sports league with its seemingly endless spike in popularity. But a series of ugly domestic violence incidents have left the NFL facing a torrent of negative publicity… continue
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