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Why US Employers Can’t Ignore EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

It’s just two weeks until the European’s Union’s (EU’s) much-discussed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. The GDPR marks the most significant change to European data security protections in more than 20 years, and will be the first time… continue
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HR Intel: Employment is Temporary; Compliance is Forever

If early fall is hiring season, then mid-to-late fall is temporary hiring season. In fact, when those Halloween decorations come down and holiday decorations go up, assume companies are planning for their temporary winter workforce. For example, Amazon is hiring… continue
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6 Ways HR Can Help Minimize the Risk of a Cyber Breach

In this age of digital information with smartphones, smartwatches and cloud computing, data breaches have become all too common. These breaches create serious risk for employers and employees alike, not to mention customers, who may lose valuable information and suffer… continue
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Sexual Harassment: The Final Frontier of Workplace Gender Equality

The 800-pound gorilla in the office is (likely) wearing a suit and tie. Equal pay is dominating the headlines of late, with both California and New York acting to close the stubborn 20% wage gap between men and women.  Whereas… continue
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Words from the @HRTerminator

I appeared on everyone’s favorite HR talk show this afternoon, @DriveThruHR with Bryan Wempen (@bryanwempen) and William Tincup (@williamtincup) to discuss all things termination in 2013.  Listen to the taping here: Mike Jacobson at Lunch with Drive Thru HR.  You… continue
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Seizing the Salt, Sparing the Shaker: A User’s Guide to Data Protection

    Are you wondering if you should do more to protect your trade secrets and confidential information? Even if you don’t think the answer is ‘yes’ for your organization, it probably should be. According to a recent survey conducted… continue
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