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Can AI, Analytics and Tech Make Future HR More Human?

Over that past few years, HR leaders have paid more and more attention to the potential benefits of using artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and technology in the practice of human resources. Often, such systems are touted for their ability to… continue
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What’s Your Strategy for Leveraging the Gig Economy? Do You Have One?

The gig economy is really nothing new, although the term itself and the rapid growth in the number of companies that are hiring remote staff is definitely on the rise. In truth, though, companies have been using gig workers—otherwise known… continue
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Machines vs. Humans in the Age of AI: Finding the Right Workplace Balance

A recent MIT Technology Review article identified “Five Jobs That Are Set to Grow in 2018” and Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer had a prominent spot on the list. “There probably isn’t a more sought-after skill set in the world of… continue
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