Weighing up wellness programs: Is it right to ask employees what they weigh?

“How much do you weigh?”   This question might sound impolite. But employees in the US take note: the social awkwardness of group weigh-ins may be coming to a warehouse near you.   CVS Caremark is asking employees their weight… continue
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Do I have to pay this ninja overtime? A treatise on the FLSA classification of ninjas.

Over the years, wage and hour experts have written about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) classification of just about every type of employee under the sun: chefs, IT workers, exotic dancers, and even those most beloved and admired of… continue
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Easter, Passover, Hot Dogs & Veganism: Accommodating Religion in the Workplace

Are the hot dogs all beef? Does the rice and beans have ham in it? Is there pork in that egg roll? These are some questions I often find myself asking before taking a bite. My husband makes fun of… continue
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XpertHR + Dovetail Software = ‘HR answers in 30 seconds or less,’ says @DwaneLay

We’re excited to announce a new strategic alliance between XpertHR and Dovetail Software, which could help make your day-to-day HR work a whole lot easier! So what do we have to offer? Well, remember the Domino’s ad promising delivery in… continue
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“You’re fired:” Axe ‘hero’ employees in haste, repent at your leisure

A question for US employers:  How would you treat a ‘hero’ employee at your organization? If an employee has reacted to exceptional circumstances by stepping outside of their day-to-day responsibilities in order to help others, would your first response be… continue
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SHRM Legislative Conference 2013: HR braces itself for health care reform

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Society of Human Resources Management’s 2013 Employment Law and Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of HR professionals from around the nation gathered to network and to learn about the latest… continue
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The Ides of March Have Come: HR Help from Caesar

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your ears… Today (Friday, March 15th) is the Ides of March, remembered in infamy as the day Julius Caesar was assassinated. This assassination came shortly after Caesar generously accepted the position of Dictator Perpetuo (Dictator for… continue
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Employers Must Respond To Make Sure Women Keep Pace in the Workplace

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in March, we recognize that 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Betty Friedan’s life changing book The Feminine Mystique which ignited the women’s liberation movement and caused immense social and political change on all… continue
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Yahoo Turning Back the Clock on Telecommuting

Yahoo announced on February 25 that it is abolishing its work-at-home policy and requiring all telecommuters to work in the office. The e-commerce company Zappos also has revoked a policy that allowed certain individuals to work remotely. The stated rationale of… continue
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HR Fly on the Wall: Workers’ Compensation Preliminary Hearing, Part 3

In Part One of this series, the HR Fly listened in on the beginning of a workers’ compensation preliminary hearing, as the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) started the hearing, set the parameters and questioned the employment attorney as to the employer’s self-insurance… continue
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