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I am the legal editor for the training and development, employee retention, performance appraisals, promotions, employee communications, managing employees in special situations, employee discipline, and recordkeeping and minimising liability content in the employee management section of XpertHR US. Prior to joining XpertHR, I worked as an assistant attorney general with the Florida Attorney General's Office, and as an Equal Opportunity Specialist for the US Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights. I also served as a law clerk to the Hon. Paul C Huck, Senior US District Judge for the Southern District of Florida.

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Shaping Supervisor Training for Business Success

A cursory online search of supervisor training resources provides an astounding array of recommended options. Choices include: Sexual harassment prevention in the workplace; Retaliation protections and whistleblowing; Discrimination protections; Conflict resolution; Roles and responsibilities training for new supervisors; Privacy; Safety;… continue
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5 Ways to Cultivate Employee Development to its Greatest Potential

The marketplace has become increasingly competitive for hiring in 2017. With unemployment hovering around 4.4% (a stark contrast to the 10% seen at the height of the recession in 2009), employers are finding it tougher to find top talent. Because… continue
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Florida Workplace Trends 2017: The One Question Employers Should Be Asking

In 2017, the HR and employment law landscape in Florida has been changed by a number of new measures coming into effect, including: An amendment to the Florida insurance statute providing that a driver for a transportation network company, such… continue
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Making the Business Case for a Workplace Flexibility Program

Workplace flexibility has been taking a hit recently. After many years of advocating for flexible workplaces, some of the early champions of the practice are changing their tune. IBM has begun favoring a more collaborative, in-office approach, although the tech… continue
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Leadership Competencies: Case Studies of US Presidents

In honor of President’s Day, we have decided to examine the leadership competencies of several US Presidents. While we’ve engaged in performance management of US Presidents in the past, a change in focus to leadership development could provide powerful case… continue
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5 Ways to Drive Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement has been linked to a number of strategic benefits, and has been prioritized by organizations that value creativity, productivity and growth. Engaged employees are enthusiastic, focused, productive and willing to put additional effort into projects because they… continue
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Politics in the Workplace: Election Day and Beyond

With the 18-month presidential campaign and several close races ready to be resolved on Election Day, the temptation to discuss political opinions and issues in the workplace is strong. While the potential for heated political discourse in the office can… continue
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What Supervisors Need to Know Before It’s Too Late

Every work day, supervisors make important decisions that could create organizational liability risks before HR or Legal are even aware of an incident. Robin Shea, a partner at the national law firm Constangy, Smith, Brooks & Prophete, and author of… continue
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Penalties Increase for Workplace Violations: Compliance Incentive or Employer Burden?

Federal agencies have increased the amount of penalties an employer may be assessed in the event of a violation – and these are not modest increases. Running afoul of a workplace law could cost an employer upwards of $100,000 for… continue
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Developing Leaders: Avoiding the Glass Cliff

Promotions tend to be a good thing – especially when the elevation takes one’s career path to the C-suite or to other senior leadership opportunities. But the context in which the appointment is made may be relevant to achieving true… continue
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