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Linda Pophal, SPHR, is owner/CEO of Strategic Communications, LLC, and a communication strategist with a background in HR/employee relations. She has a BA in psychology and an MA in organizational management, and has managed employees in the education, energy and healthcare industries. She is the author of several books on HR and employee relations, including “Human Resource Essentials: Your Guide to Starting and Running the HR Function” (SHRM 2010). Pophal is an accredited member of the Society for Human Resource Management, the International Association of Business Communicators and the American Marketing Association.

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How Employment Compliance Can Ensure ROI

Human resources professionals often lament their ability to get a “seat at the table,” and, arguably, are not often touted for their strategic focus. There’s one key area, though, where the function can have a significant bottom-line impact on the… continue
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5 Reasons We Love to Love HR

HR is an organizational function that is far too often in the crosshairs of complaints and challenges from sources far and wide. As Peter Cappelli says in his Harvard Business Review article “Why We Love to Hate HR… and What… continue
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What Skills Do CHROs Need to Bring to the Table in 2016?

The HR function is becoming increasingly more critical from a strategic business standpoint. For some organizations, that means introducing a new C-level role—the CHRO, or Chief Human Resource Executive. But, not every HR professional is poised to step into this… continue
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Can HR Transform Itself and Reclaim a Valued Place at the Table?

You may find this hard to believe, but there was a time when the HR function was viewed as “glamorous,” in fact as the most glamorous function in business  – says Peter Cappelli in “Why We Love to Hate HR…… continue
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The Seven Most Critical Improvements HR Teams Need

“HR needs to be more strategic!” – It’s an ongoing call to action that rings out across industries and geographies. The requirements of those in HR positions have changed dramatically over the past several years from a focus on administrative… continue
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How the ACA is Changing the Face of the Workplace

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), more commonly—and sometimes dismissively—referred to as “Obamacare” has had a significant impact on organizations and employees around the nation. As John Greenbaum, senior vice president for Risk Strategies Company says, “A combination of several years… continue
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Independent Contractor—Or Not? Spend More Now to Avoid Big Payments Later

There’s been somewhat of a push and pull over the last few years for employers and HR professionals when it comes to staffing issues. On the one hand, many employers have been hesitant to add new staff since the bottom… continue
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Global is the New Local for HR Pros

As the world becomes increasingly global and interconnected, and as companies continue to expand into new geographies, nationally and abroad, HR professionals have both opportunities and challenges as they attempt to ensure consistency amid what may often feel like chaos.… continue
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