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Linda Pophal, SPHR, is owner/CEO of Strategic Communications, LLC, and a communication strategist with a background in HR/employee relations. She has a BA in psychology and an MA in organizational management, and has managed employees in the education, energy and healthcare industries. She is the author of several books on HR and employee relations, including “Human Resource Essentials: Your Guide to Starting and Running the HR Function” (SHRM 2010). Pophal is an accredited member of the Society for Human Resource Management, the International Association of Business Communicators and the American Marketing Association.

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Being Strategic: What It Really Means for HR

HR professionals are well aware of exhortations for them to “be more strategic.” You can hardly pick up a trade publication these days without at least one reference to HR’s need to become a better strategic partner in organizations of… continue
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How AI Has the Potential to Disrupt HR

While recent media and industry buzz would suggest that artificial intelligence, or AI, is something new, the term first emerged in 1956 at a conference at Dartmouth College. IBM Research has been working with AI since the 1950s and, most… continue
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If Compensation is Culture, What Culture Are You Nurturing

In a climate where discussions about recruitment challenges, talent shortages and shifting competitive pressures are common, organizations across a range of industries are shifting their pay practices, including a more strategic focus on how pay raises are determined. PayScale’s 2017… continue
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"Fake News" Newspaper Headline On White Background

“Fake News” and the Hiring Process: Addressing Risks Before It’s Too Late

Fake news is on everyone’s minds these days to say the least. Susan Meisinger recently addressed the issue of HR and fake news in her Human Resource Executive column, focusing on some commonly—and widely—held beliefs about HR practice that simply… continue
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3 Ways to Use Digital Platforms for Recruiting

The widespread availability of high-speed internet and the digital platforms that run on it have transformed virtually every aspect of our lives. From paying bills to watching shows to selling attic ware, many of our transactions take place in the… continue
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The ROI of Talent Management: Tying the Intangible to the Tangible

The human resource function has long been considered to be somewhat “soft” in terms of being able to apply hard data to prove the value of recruitment and retention activities. From the standpoint of HR pros, they simply “know” that… continue
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8 Steps to Getting Buy-In for HR Initiatives

For most of us, the business world is one of ideas, proposals and pitches. Regardless of our authority level there comes a time when we must present proposals to others. Doing this well can boost the odds of generating approval.… continue
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Compliance: HR’s Greatest Opportunity to Avoid Risk and Reap Rewards

At the end of the day, business is a team sport. Well-managed organizations know how to effectively delegate, ensuring that each silo within an organization is responsible for a particular set of clearly defined tasks that ladder up to the… continue
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HR Leaders: Why Visibility Matters

For HR teams, establishing a strategic foothold in an organization takes time. It’s the result of a comprehensive, concentrated plan that features an array of tactics and processes designed to prove the strategic value of the HR department—and it doesn’t… continue
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How Effective Communication Can Enhance HR Credibility

One of the key skills HR professionals need to master when moving to establish a more active role in their organization is effective communication. Not only does clear communication help define the responsibilities of the HR department for management and… continue
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