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Linda Pophal, SPHR, is owner/CEO of Strategic Communications, LLC, and a communication strategist with a background in HR/employee relations. She has a BA in psychology and an MA in organizational management, and has managed employees in the education, energy and healthcare industries. She is the author of several books on HR and employee relations, including “Human Resource Essentials: Your Guide to Starting and Running the HR Function” (SHRM 2010). Pophal is an accredited member of the Society for Human Resource Management, the International Association of Business Communicators and the American Marketing Association.

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Determining What Your CEO Cares About (And Adjusting Your Messaging Appropriately)

It’s no secret that there can be a significant disconnect between the CEO (and C-suite) and HR leaders in many organizations. While HR is focused on ensuring s positive and supportive culture and boosting employee engagement, CEOs are much more… continue
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Is Age Discrimination Coming Out of the Shadows?

Recently there have been some emerging media reports about older workers feeling discriminated against, both during the hiring process and in some high profile layoffs/reorganizations (e.g. IBM) where older workers are being shown the door in favor of younger colleagues… continue
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What’s Your Strategy for Leveraging the Gig Economy? Do You Have One?

The gig economy is really nothing new, although the term itself and the rapid growth in the number of companies that are hiring remote staff is definitely on the rise. In truth, though, companies have been using gig workers—otherwise known… continue
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Machines vs. Humans in the Age of AI: Finding the Right Workplace Balance

A recent MIT Technology Review article identified “Five Jobs That Are Set to Grow in 2018” and Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer had a prominent spot on the list. “There probably isn’t a more sought-after skill set in the world of… continue
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Engage Your Staff in Developing Your Strategic Plan

How do we get our employees engaged so they help achieve the goals and objectives in our strategic plan? It’s a common management conundrum, not just for HR leaders, but for others as well. After all, when employees aren’t engaged… continue
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Beyond Finance: Why Technology is The New “Must Have” Skill for HR Professionals

HR professionals have been hearing for years about the importance of gaining financial acumen to serve most effectively in a strategic role and, ultimately, rise to higher ranks within the organization. Finance remains an important skill, but there’s another skill… continue
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Crisis Management: Partnering With PR to Take a Proactive Approach

Recent controversies ranging around everything from Confederate statues to transgender restrooms and health insurance coverage for birth control all have the potential to suddenly create chaos for an organization—internally and externally. Even when brands decide to “stay out of” a… continue
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Being Strategic: What It Really Means for HR

HR professionals are well aware of exhortations for them to “be more strategic.” You can hardly pick up a trade publication these days without at least one reference to HR’s need to become a better strategic partner in organizations of… continue
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How AI Has the Potential to Disrupt HR

While recent media and industry buzz would suggest that artificial intelligence, or AI, is something new, the term first emerged in 1956 at a conference at Dartmouth College. IBM Research has been working with AI since the 1950s and, most… continue
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If Compensation is Culture, What Culture Are You Nurturing

In a climate where discussions about recruitment challenges, talent shortages and shifting competitive pressures are common, organizations across a range of industries are shifting their pay practices, including a more strategic focus on how pay raises are determined. PayScale’s 2017… continue
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