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I am the legal editor for a variety of state, federal and municipal employment law and human resources topics for XpertHR USA. Prior to joining XpertHR, I worked as a legal editor for Business & Legal Resources (BLR). In that role, I created many labor and employment law publications and was the editor of the Benefits Compliance Advisor online newsletter and the benefits manual, Benefits Compliance: Strategies for Plans, Programs & Policies. I also served as the point person for many employment legal issues, including the Affordable Care Act, health care insurance, COBRA, HIPAA and employee benefits.

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HR Pros Brace for Open Enrollment Season

It’s open enrollment season for many employers, which means a lot of HR and benefits professionals are struggling to effectively manage the annual process. Open enrollment is a big deal for everyone in the workplace and can be a chaotic… continue
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7 Ways to Ease Open Enrollment Headaches for 2019

Open enrollment season presents unique challenges for employers and can be a hectic time for HR and benefits professionals. It’s also a confusing and frustrating period for employees, many of whom feel overwhelmed by the process and may want to… continue
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How to Prepare for Back-to-School Leave Requests

Does your inbox always seem full of leave requests when it’s time for kids to go back to school? The start of the school year can be a very busy and stressful time of year for many parents and guardians,… continue
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Vacation Mode: How to Engage Employees with Summer Perks

With the current jobseeker-friendly market, an employer needs to make sure it is in the best position to attract and retain the workforce it wants and needs. Summer perks are a good way for employers to show how much they… continue
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Could the World Cup Produce a GOAALLLL in Your Workplace?

Did World Cup fever infiltrate your office this summer? Employee symptoms may include: Flex-time or time-off requests so employees can watch games; Frequent gatherings in break rooms or conference rooms with TVs; Quieter offices during World Cup games; Bright colored… continue
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Federal, State AND Local, Oh My! 5 Local Trends Challenging HR

Along with states, municipalities are leading the way in expanding employee rights by enacting various laws to protect workers and expand their rights. So, if keeping up with state and federal law updates is not challenging enough, employers now find… continue
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Helping Employees Disconnect from Work in the Digital Age

Do your employees have trouble disconnecting from work? Are they logged on to workforce systems at all hours of the day and night? Do they answer emails while on vacation or over the weekend? In the era of smartphones, tablets… continue
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Survey Says: Employers Have Heightened Concern With Sexual Harassment in 2018

Sexual harassment policies and training will remain a concern to many employers in 2018, according to a recent XpertHR survey. The survey revealed that employers plan to tackle the issue in a variety of ways, including: Updating their sexual harassment… continue
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Can Embracing March Madness Improve Employee Engagement?

The signs are upon us that spring is coming. The clocks have sprung forward, the trees and flowers are starting to bloom (in some parts of the country at least), and March Madness has arrived! It’s time for the sports… continue
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Beware of Age Discrimination When Recruiting in the Facebook Age

Employers are increasingly using social media as a recruiting tool to reach job candidates. However, while platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn may be a good way to find potential new superstar employees, employers need to be careful to avoid age… continue
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