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Employment Law Differences Between the US and England Affecting Global Businesses

While the US and England enjoy a close relationship, there are significant variations in their employment laws when it comes to family leave rights, drug testing and many other issues. In a recent XpertHR webinar, Nicole Truso and Emma Vennesson… continue
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Conducting Workplace Investigations in Canada: What HR Needs to Know

The failure to have a formal complaint and investigative procedure could expose a Canadian employer to aggravated and punitive damages if the decision to terminate an employee was based on a flawed or biased investigation. So what can employers do… continue
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Five Key Employment Law Differences Global Employers Need to Know

Since globalization is the new norm, many US-based employers need to manage not only local employees, but employees working abroad who may be entitled to either greater or lesser protections than employees working in the US. As a result, HR… continue
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Curbing Bribery With a Global Workforce

There are a number of challenges that multinational employers face when employing staff in more than one country, including widely varied antidiscrimination laws, training requirements, termination processes and health and safety legislation. One especially troublesome issue for multinational employers is… continue
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