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I am the legal editor for the preemployment background check, job advertising, and interviewing and selection content in the recruiting and hiring section of XpertHR USA. Prior to joining XpertHR, I served as US Supreme Court correspondent and editor-in-chief of a nationwide legal news service, as well as co-anchor of the company's newscasts and editor of its employment law product. My work also has appeared in the ABA's Supreme Court Preview, Employee Rights Quarterly, USA Today and The Washington Times.

Some of the topics I cover in the US include:
Employee Background Checks
HR Recruiting

Email : david.weisenfeld@xperthr.com

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DOL’s Overtime Exemption Increase – And Why Time Is of the Essence

The Department of Labor (DOL) made big news last month by proposing new regulations to raise the minimum annual salary for overtime-exempt employees from its current level of $23,660 to $35,308. Almost everyone agrees that the $23,660 figure is embarrassingly… continue
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How to Keep Your Best Employees From Walking Out the Door

When it comes to employee engagement, many employers are talking a good game. Indeed, the phrase has become popular among corporate leaders. But are companies actually moving the needle? A Gallup report from a few years ago estimated that US… continue
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March Madness 2019: Why Employers Should Embrace It…To a Point

I’m always amused when employment lawyers trip over themselves each year at this time to blog about the risks of gambling and lost productivity with the always-popular NCAA basketball tournament. It’s akin to the famed quote from Casablanca when Captain… continue
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Investigations 101: 5 Things You Really Need to Know

With the launch of the #MeToo era, and increased attention being paid to other suspected workplace wrongdoing, the quality of your company’s internal investigation process is more important than ever. XpertHR recently connected with a pair of leading investigators, Allison… continue
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New 2019 California Employment Laws Creating Compliance Challenges

California employers seemingly need a scorecard each year to keep up with all of the employment law changes afoot, but this is especially true in 2019. From a significant expansion of the state’s sexual harassment prevention law to a first-of-its-kind… continue
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Today’s Workplace: The Importance of Keeping It Real

Last year, I coached my son’s basketball team in the town’s youth basketball league. The NBA Championship was hardly at stake, although you might not have been sure of that the way a couple of the parents reacted to referees’… continue
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Minimum Wage Hikes in 20 States Headline 2019 Employment Law Changes

As always, the ball dropping in Times Square not only ushers in a new year but many new employment laws across the country taking effect on January 1. Headlining the list are numerous minimum wage increases as 20 states raised… continue
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Host of 2018 Midterm Ballot Initiatives Will Impact the Workplace

With passions running strong on both sides, last month’s midterm election marked the highest voter turnout for a midterm since 1966. But with much attention focused on the House and Senate results, as well as—yet again–voting machine issues in Florida,… continue
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As 2018 Election Approaches, Employee Voting Leave Gains Importance

Election Day is two weeks away, and the one certainty is that interest in the outcome is at an all-time high. An NPR story predicts that voter turnout could hit a 50-year record for a midterm election with few people,… continue
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Why Zero-Tolerance Policies Make Little Sense

Many employers boast of having “zero-tolerance” policies when it comes to workplace misconduct. It’s become a catchphrase for showing that a company takes things seriously and won’t put up with any nonsense. But nonsense is precisely what a growing number… continue
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