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Top 7 Workplace Trends in 2016 – Key Takeaways from SHRM’s Employment Law and Legislation Conference 2016

SHRM’s March 2016 Employment Law and Legislative conference in Washington DC could have been titled “It’s a Whole New Workplace – Where do I start?” With a slate of politicos, thought leaders, Pulitzer winning authors and Washington insiders, it was… continue
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The Ethics of Training: a Zenefits Case Study

This Zenefits story begins and ends with software. Software is at the heart of the company’s business model: it provides HR software for free (as is often the case in an SaaS – “software as a service” – business model)… continue
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Josh Bersin on HR Analytics 2016: Moneyball Meets the Workplace

Analytics, as popularized by the best-selling book and baseball movie Moneyball, is the art of trying to make better decisions based on data. Talent management expert and Forbes contributor Josh Bersin calls analytics one of the most significant trends affecting… continue
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5 Reasons We Love to Love HR

HR is an organizational function that is far too often in the crosshairs of complaints and challenges from sources far and wide. As Peter Cappelli says in his Harvard Business Review article “Why We Love to Hate HR… and What… continue
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How To Avoid Diversity Fatigue with These Diversity Success Insider Tips

Numerous headlines and reports lately have touted the business advantages of diverse C-suites and a diverse workforce. Here’s a sampling of just a few: Human Resource Executive recently reported that while traditional research often measures diversity in demographic terms, one… continue
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HR Intel: How the Zika Virus Impacts HR

A round up of workplace developments and legal trends to help keep HR ahead of the curve
Now that the Zika virus has made its way up from South and Central America, HR professionals and business owners in the United… continue
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HR Intel – The Age of HR Analytics is Upon Us

A round up of workplace developments and legal trends to help keep HR ahead of the curve Among the many developments or “disruptions” to the traditional workplace in 2016, the increasing presence of “people analytics” might be both the most… continue
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Can HR Transform Itself and Reclaim a Valued Place at the Table?

You may find this hard to believe, but there was a time when the HR function was viewed as “glamorous,” in fact as the most glamorous function in business  – says Peter Cappelli in “Why We Love to Hate HR…… continue
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The Seven Most Critical Improvements HR Teams Need

“HR needs to be more strategic!” – It’s an ongoing call to action that rings out across industries and geographies. The requirements of those in HR positions have changed dramatically over the past several years from a focus on administrative… continue
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HR Intel – The Minimum Wage Battle Flares Up and More…

A roundup of workplace developments and legal trends to help keep HR ahead of the curve For employees, the fight for wages is personal.  Yesterday, thousands of fast food workers went on strike around the country, primarily seeking $15 minimum… continue
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