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The Top 15 HR Compliance Issues of 2018 – Are You Ready?

As 2018 draws near, employers need to take a long hard look at their workforce and gear up for the challenges that lie ahead. To get a pulse on what the top HR and employment issues are in the workplace… continue
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Beyond Finance: Why Technology is The New “Must Have” Skill for HR Professionals

HR professionals have been hearing for years about the importance of gaining financial acumen to serve most effectively in a strategic role and, ultimately, rise to higher ranks within the organization. Finance remains an important skill, but there’s another skill… continue
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How Robots Are Transforming the Workplace

It’s no overstatement to say that robots and artificial intelligence may change the workplace at a level not since the Industrial Revolution. Robots already are checking in guests at a few Tokyo hotels. Closer to home, sales clerk robots are… continue
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