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Paying Final Wages: 5 Key Steps to Doing It Right

Employees quit their jobs or get fired every day in the working world. Despite the commonality of it, separations from employment often end up being a compliance challenge for employers. That’s because strict laws require employers to be ready to… continue
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Employment Terminations in the US and UK: Significant Differences Across the Pond

While some similarities exist between US and UK employment laws, there are fundamental differences that global employers need to be aware of when considering terminating an employee. In a recent XpertHR webinar, Philadelphia employment attorney Jonathan A. Segal, who heads… continue
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Termination Pay: Tips to Keep an Employer Out of Trouble

In today’s fast-paced business environment of multistate operations and frequent employee turnaround, it is vital for employers to stay on top of the myriad laws governing final wage payments. State laws and regulations dictate exactly when an employer must provide… continue
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HR Intel – President Obama Weighs in on Paid Sick Leave and More…

A roundup of workplace trends and legal developments to keep HR ahead of the curve President Obama leveraged the US Labor Day holiday to launch a new paid sick leave initiative for employees of federal contractors, aiming to cover some… continue
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HR’s Five Biggest Year-End Employee Termination Mistakes

Bah humbug. It takes a special kind of Scrooge to terminate employees during the holiday season, but alas, the end of the Gregorian calendar often coincides with budget reevaluation and/or employee performance appraisals, making the holiday season a potential minefield… continue
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Multistate Chart: Timing of Final Paychecks Depends on State Termination Pay Laws

In today’s corporate environment of multistate operations and frequent layoffs, it is vital for employers that pay employees in more than one state to stay abreast of the termination pay laws. State laws and regulations dictate when an employer must… continue
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Family Feud

US employee termination: Four ways to avoid a family feud

If you thought terminating an employee was hard, try terminating an employee who already resents you and with whom you share the dinner table! Following the traumatic (and literal) termination of Brian the Dog in the popular sit-com “Family Guy,”… continue
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Three Embarrassing U.S. Employee Terminations…and How to Avoid Them

Successful U.S. HR professionals are excellent multi-taskers.  They know how to recruit and retain the best talent, foster employee engagement, monitor employee performance and information distribution and proactively comply with ever-changing legislation – all while positioning their companies to be… continue
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“You’re fired:” Axe ‘hero’ employees in haste, repent at your leisure

A question for US employers:  How would you treat a ‘hero’ employee at your organization? If an employee has reacted to exceptional circumstances by stepping outside of their day-to-day responsibilities in order to help others, would your first response be… continue
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Words from the @HRTerminator

I appeared on everyone’s favorite HR talk show this afternoon, @DriveThruHR with Bryan Wempen (@bryanwempen) and William Tincup (@williamtincup) to discuss all things termination in 2013.  Listen to the taping here: Mike Jacobson at Lunch with Drive Thru HR.  You… continue
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