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Beyond Finance: Why Technology is The New “Must Have” Skill for HR Professionals

HR professionals have been hearing for years about the importance of gaining financial acumen to serve most effectively in a strategic role and, ultimately, rise to higher ranks within the organization. Finance remains an important skill, but there’s another skill… continue
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Millennials: Value-Add to Your Workplace or Destroyers of Everything?

I have a confession to make: I’m a millennial. Now granted, I’m an “older” millennial that remembers playing the Oregon Trail computer game as a kid, but technically I am still a member of Generation Y. We’re also known by… continue
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Hiring Millennials: What Employers Need to Know

What makes millennial workers different from those of other generations? Are they the spoiled, self-centered, instant gratification workers as sometimes portrayed, or are they the team-oriented, multi-taskers who are tech-savvy? While it’s possible they could have all of these attributes,… continue
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The ROI of Talent Management: Tying the Intangible to the Tangible

The human resource function has long been considered to be somewhat “soft” in terms of being able to apply hard data to prove the value of recruitment and retention activities. From the standpoint of HR pros, they simply “know” that… continue
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HR Intel – How the Job Market Tug-of-War Impacts HR

A regular round up of news, legal trends and workplace developments to help keep HR ahead of the curve. The job market is stuck in a rut and it’s not because of people clamoring for jobs. In fact, it’s the… continue
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US Pharmaceutical Employers Face Recruiting, Management and Liability Challenges

The US pharmaceutical industry is a profit-generating powerhouse.  And while those big dollars continue to roll in, the population continues to age and technology continues to improve, paving the way for new drugs, new medical devices and (you guessed it)… continue
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