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HR Intel: What is the HR “Link” to Blockchain Technology?

At some point in the not too distant future, “Blockchain” technology will revolutionize how we do business. That isn’t so much a prediction as it is a certainty, as the technology itself (not necessarily the various “currencies” that have grown… continue
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7 Steps Illinois Employers Should Take Based on Key Developments

Illinois employers should take into account that several new developments have hit the Land of Lincoln that will have a significant impact on workplace policies, practices and procedures. What’s more, it’s not just the state of Illinois that has enacted… continue
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Hiring an Employee Subject to a Restrictive Covenant: Risky or Smart Business?

What company wouldn’t want their competitor’s employees? They already have the specialized industry knowledge and skills that can help your company be successful.  However, hiring a direct competitor’s employees raises many concerns, especially if that employee is subject to an… continue
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Attract New Talent While Sidestepping Legal Landmines

Hiring away a competitor’s valued employee can be quite a coup, but also can bring a host of headaches for unwary employers. This is especially true if the new hire signed any sort of restrictive covenant agreement with his or… continue
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HR’s Five Biggest Year-End Employee Termination Mistakes

Bah humbug. It takes a special kind of Scrooge to terminate employees during the holiday season, but alas, the end of the Gregorian calendar often coincides with budget reevaluation and/or employee performance appraisals, making the holiday season a potential minefield… continue
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