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Revolving Door At Entrance To Office Building

HR Intel: Retain Your Best Employees in 2017

Beyond the obvious solutions to your retention problems (pay your employees more money!), it’s good to dig a little deeper into the underlying or not so obvious causes of attrition. This is a common concern for HR, in part due… continue

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Human and robot arm wrestling

HR Intel – The Age of HR Analytics is Upon Us

A round up of workplace developments and legal trends to help keep HR ahead of the curve
Among the many developments or “disruptions” to the traditional workplace in 2016, the increasing presence of “people analytics” might be both the most… continue

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Top 5 Tips on Retaining Top Performers

Employers, whether in the US or elsewhere, should strive to retain top performers. Doing so:

Improves production continuity;
Increases institutional memory; and
Reduces costs.

However, retaining top talent isn’t as easy in a competitive marketplace or in uncertain economic times.… continue

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A little praise and recognition can go a long way

Not feeling appreciated or valued is among the factors that correlate most strongly with employee turnover.
Employers can show they appreciate employees with tangible awards like bonuses, raises or prizes. But a pat on the back can be quite effective,… continue

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