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5 CEO Ethics Firings and How HR Can Help Prevent Them

Does it seem that there have been more news stories recently about CEOs being fired for scandals and ethics violations? That’s because it’s true! A recent study by Success&, a part of the PwC network, found that dismissals of CEOs… continue

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HR Intel: Master the HR Solo Act

As an HR professional, you’re constantly juggling. We hear about it all the time at XpertHR, how there are so many balls in the air at once. How sometimes you just feel like letting them all fall. But rest assured,… continue

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8 Tips for Handling Mental Health Issues and ADA/FMLA Compliance

Most people easily recognize that a physical illness or disability may require a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act or time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act. But mental disabilities are covered by the ADA and… continue

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HR Intel: The Great HR “Reset”

You may have noticed things are a bit… different around the office in HR these days, but it’s hard to put your finger on it, right? So let me give it a shot.
I’ve had some time off myself with… continue

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Factory of Future

How Robots Are Transforming the Workplace

It’s no overstatement to say that robots and artificial intelligence may change the workplace at a level not since the Industrial Revolution. Robots already are checking in guests at a few Tokyo hotels.
Closer to home, sales clerk robots are… continue

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What Supervisors Need to Know Before It’s Too Late

Every work day, supervisors make important decisions that could create organizational liability risks before HR or Legal are even aware of an incident. Robin Shea, a partner at the national law firm Constangy, Smith, Brooks & Prophete, and author of… continue

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Penalties Increase for Workplace Violations: Compliance Incentive or Employer Burden?

Federal agencies have increased the amount of penalties an employer may be assessed in the event of a violation – and these are not modest increases. Running afoul of a workplace law could cost an employer upwards of $100,000 for… continue

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Compliance: HR’s Greatest Opportunity to Avoid Risk and Reap Rewards

At the end of the day, business is a team sport. Well-managed organizations know how to effectively delegate, ensuring that each silo within an organization is responsible for a particular set of clearly defined tasks that ladder up to the… continue

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