Uncomfortable conversations with supervisors (Part 1): A good employee gone bad

HR and supervisors often face uncomfortable situations in the workplace, whether it be giving an employee a negative performance review, dealing with an employee with a hygiene problem, or managing an employee with a negative attitude. In a three-part series… continue
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XpertHR Minimum Wage Infographic

Infographic: Minimum wage rates on the move in US

Click for infographic   While President Obama stumps for an increase in the US federal minimum wage rate, an updated infographic from XpertHR illustrates the significant range of state minimum wage rates across the United States. From a low of… continue
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Biometrics in the workplace featured in new US podcast

With companies increasingly turning to biometrics to better monitor employees, a new XpertHR podcast examines the pros and cons of using this technology. For the uninitiated, biometrics refers to the technology of identifying individual characteristics through hand measurements, fingerprints, eye… continue
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Continuing the Chatter: US Workplace Bullying and Retaliation

On February 19, my colleague Beth Zoller and I had the amazing opportunity to chat with @WeKnowNext during #Nextchat. As always, HR wisdom spread over the Twitterverse at breakneck speed. Indulge me as I continue to expound upon certain themes… continue
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Marijuana legalization trend impacts US employers

With US attitudes shifting on marijuana legalization, it was perhaps fitting that the recent Super Bowl featured teams from the two states that have legalized recreational marijuana use. Whether Seattle or Denver prevailed, stoners couldn’t lose. But marijuana use remains… continue
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Dos and don’ts of workplace relationships

  With Valentine’s Day upon us, employers should realize that whether they like it or not, romance can and does abound in the workplace. According to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 43% of US… continue
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Podcast: NLRB’s Tough US Supreme Court Battle and Other Labor Law Issues

In a new XpertHR Presents podcast, I went inside the US Supreme Court to attend the closely-watched case of NLRB v. Noel Canning, which could throw hundreds of labor board decisions into doubt that were issued between January 2012 and… continue
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Polar Vortex: three workplace concerns for US employers

When blizzards coat huge portions of the US and snow is forecast in South Georgia and Florida of all places, you know there is an extreme weather event taking place. So what’s an employer to do? The latest Polar Vortex… continue
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Five ways US employers can avoid discrimination and harassment

Over the past year, all sorts of ugly workplace discrimination stories have reared their head. Whether it be the race discrimination case brought against celebrity chef Paula Deen, the $39-million sex discrimination settlement involving Merrill Lynch or the sexual orientation… continue
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Employee stock ownership plans: Pros and cons for engaging employees

Competitive benefit packages can serve as an excellent recruiting and retention tool, but did you know they can also be used to increase productivity? Certain retirement benefit plans may incentivize employees into becoming more efficient by granting them a stake… continue
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