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Flags of the USA and the UK Divided Diagonally

5 Lessons on Hiring in the US versus the UK

Although the US and UK and legal systems share similar roots, employees in these countries are entitled to far different protections.
In a recent XpertHR webinar, Philadelphia employment attorney Jonathan A. Segal, who heads the Duane Morris Institute, and London… continue

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Puerto Rico written on one of its beautiful beaches

5 Groundbreaking Changes in Puerto Rico Employment Law

“It was California on steroids,” says Littler global attorney Shiara Diloné, mincing few words about the state of Puerto Rico employment law prior to January 26, 2017. But with the stroke of his pen, Governor Ricardo Rossello appears to have… continue

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Scales, work and life

New French Law Seeks Work-Life Balance: Would US Ever Follow Suit?

While advances in technology have improved the workplace by increasing productivity, these advances have also become a double-edged sword.
Employees no longer need to be physically in their work location in order to send an email, attend a telephone conference… continue

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road signs EU and BREXIT

How Brexit Could Affect US-Based Employers

The UK’s surprising vote last month to leave the European Union caused concern on both sides of the Atlantic with its potential implications resonating on a global scale. Multinational employers are now questioning what Brexit means for their business and… continue

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Blog_Compliance Image 1

Compliance: HR’s Greatest Opportunity to Avoid Risk and Reap Rewards

At the end of the day, business is a team sport. Well-managed organizations know how to effectively delegate, ensuring that each silo within an organization is responsible for a particular set of clearly defined tasks that ladder up to the… continue

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HR Leaders: Why Visibility Matters

For HR teams, establishing a strategic foothold in an organization takes time. It’s the result of a comprehensive, concentrated plan that features an array of tactics and processes designed to prove the strategic value of the HR department—and it doesn’t… continue

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Employment Terminations in the US and UK: Significant Differences Across the Pond

While some similarities exist between US and UK employment laws, there are fundamental differences that global employers need to be aware of when considering terminating an employee.
In a recent XpertHR webinar, Philadelphia employment attorney Jonathan A. Segal, who heads… continue

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Working abroad Text Concept

6 Ways to Achieve a Successful International Assignment Program

International assignments are a boon for employers that want to establish a global presence because they allow organizations to explore opportunities overseas without incurring the costs, or taking the risk, of creating a new business abroad. These assignments are relatively… continue

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Managing a Workforce in Turkey Versus the US: 5 Key Differences


Multinational employers operating in both the US and Turkey need to be aware of each country’s employment laws that apply throughout the employment relationship.  While there are numerous nuances between the laws in the US and Turkey, some… continue

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Colored paint splashes on white background

HR Intel: Hollywood Leads the Workplace Diversity Charge

A round up of workplace developments and legal trends to help keep HR ahead of the curve
Now that the #Oscarsowhite controversy is in the rearview mirror, elite Hollywood actors and talent agencies are leading the charge for more diversity… continue

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