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I am the legal editor for the preemployment background check, job advertising, and interviewing and selection content in the recruiting and hiring section of XpertHR USA. Prior to joining XpertHR, I served as US Supreme Court correspondent and editor-in-chief of a nationwide legal news service, as well as co-anchor of the company's newscasts and editor of its employment law product. My work also has appeared in the ABA's Supreme Court Preview, Employee Rights Quarterly, USA Today and The Washington Times.

Some of the topics I cover in the US include:
Employee Background Checks
HR Recruiting

Email : david.weisenfeld@xperthr.com

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US Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Rulings Featured in New Podcast

In a new XpertHR podcast, key members of our US editorial team discuss the impact on HR of the historic US Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Windsor to strike down  Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage… continue
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Podcast ponders how US drug legalization laws impact HR

With many US states having legalized medical marijuana, and Colorado and Washington now permitting recreational marijuana use for individuals 21 and older, what do these laws really mean for employers? Making these legalization laws especially dicey is the fact that… continue
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Podcast: Genetic Discrimination and Other US Employment Trends

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) is one of the newer US employment laws, and has already led to lawsuits against employers, including one that sparked a $50,000 settlement. To become aware of the risks and learn how to avoid… continue
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BYOD Beware? HR Issues Around Bring Your Own Device Policies

Many employers are encouraging employees to bring their own personal mobile devices to work these days. In fact, a recent survey showed that as many as 80 percent of smartphones used for work are employee-owned. But with phones being only… continue
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XpertHR Announces New Partnership With LivingHR

“What’s great about XpertHR is it’s not in your typical legalese!” That’s LivingHR CEO Keri Higgins-Bigelow speaking of her Florida-based company’s newest strategic partner, XpertHR. “We’ve been looking high and low for a resource like this in the compliance space.… continue
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Rutgers Scandal Shows Employers Must Not Drop the Ball (Part 3): Transparency

The recent firing of Rutgers University basketball coach Mike Rice, but only after a video surfaced of him physically hitting players, throwing basketballs at them and hurling repeated homophobic epithets is a virtual primer of what NOT to do from… continue
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XpertHR + Dovetail Software = ‘HR answers in 30 seconds or less,’ says @DwaneLay

We’re excited to announce a new strategic alliance between XpertHR and Dovetail Software, which could help make your day-to-day HR work a whole lot easier! So what do we have to offer? Well, remember the Domino’s ad promising delivery in… continue
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Yahoo Turning Back the Clock on Telecommuting

Yahoo announced on February 25 that it is abolishing its work-at-home policy and requiring all telecommuters to work in the office. The e-commerce company Zappos also has revoked a policy that allowed certain individuals to work remotely. The stated rationale of… continue
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How the Te’o Hoax Has Relevance to HR

Notre Dame football captain Manti Te’o had many shedding tears last fall when he told a live NBC television audience about his girlfriend’s death from leukemia and its impact on him. Some credited the story with helping inspire the team’s… continue
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Key Cases to Watch at the Supreme Court in 2013

  With the Supreme Court kicking off its 2013 argument schedule this week, the year promises to provide a few blockbusters that could come close to approaching the level of interest given to last year’s health care ruling. Highlighting the list… continue
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