XpertHR Puts Users in the Driver’s Seat on Product Development

Alicia pictureIn a company that highly values innovation with a constant stream of ideas from a combination of internal and external channels, often we find ourselves having to choose between several proposals for new site enhancements that all seemingly have merit.

A need then emerges to prioritize these ideas to elevate those that would carry the most benefit to XpertHR customers.

Recently, we released three key new features within our Legal Timetable tool. Users can now filter the timetable by a state or other keywords, add a key date to their personal outlook or google calendar as well as subscribe to specialist calendars that the XpertHR editorial team maintains with key compliance and other information.

The release of these features was truly a customer-driven effort with users playing a key role in determining which items would be given development priority, meaning that we would marshal internal resources to produce, deliver and ship these enhancements to customers on an expedited basis.

Our journey to release began with a list of 11 proposed enhancements, including the three Legal Timetable tool features, sourced through internal proposals as well as our daily conversations with our customers. When soliciting customer feedback for which of these were in the greatest demand, we looked to Conteneo’s Innovation Games®, a very useful suite of tools designed to extract customer insights.

In particular, we used the “Buy A Feature” game which we then played with XpertHR customers during sessions held towards the end of 2016.  The game worked as follows:

1. Customers were given a list of potential features with an assigned price based on anticipated development costs; and

2. Individuals working in teams were then asked to buy the features that they wanted in the next release using a limited amount of play money.

In playing the game, certain features were priced high to encourage customers to pool their money, or forgo other features to buy especially important and/or expensive features. During the sessions, not only did our three Legal Timetable enhancements emerge as clear priority leaders, through our passive observation of our user groups’ decision-making process we were able to better understand the rationale for why certain features were valued higher as well as glean other valuable insights from the minds of XpertHR customers.

Armed with a clear mandate for what users would like to see most on our site, the real fun began.  The XpertHR team then worked around the clock to plan, design and prepare for delivery of these enhancements culminating in an intensive two-week development sprint to release the enhancements to users last month.

Early customer feedback for the release has been positive and we are glad to be providing our customers with additional opportunities to integrate the XpertHR resource into their daily workflow as a result of these enhancements. 

You can learn more about these new features via Help and Support as well as by visiting the Legal Timetable tool page. Stay tuned for more product news from the XpertHR product team!


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